Mad Macs Service Request Form

Please complete the following form making sure that you fill in all requested fields of information. This form, once received by Mad Macs, will be used to generate a repair order for your unit.

All repairs must have a completed request sheet or they will not be processed.  If you have any questions while completing this form, please contact the MCLA I.T. Department or Mad Macs directly at 413-445-5858 Extension 4.

Mad Macs, inc. is not responsible for lost forms or incorrect information.

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Not Required for MCLA Owned Equipment.
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Please add a description of the issues your having what services we need to perform for your computer?
Is your device under warranty? Not all issues are covered under warranty, we will advise you of your coverage after diagnosis of issue and before repairing unit.
Have you contacted Apple about this issue and if so did they give you a Case Number? (Please list below)
Has your device had liquid spilled on it or submerged in liquid of any kind? Has your unit come in contact with any hazardous materials?
Please note any signs of physical damage including, but not limited to: Broken Glass, broken or missing parts including feat, deep scratches, dents of any kind and their locations.
Had your data been backed up? If your in need of Data Recovery Services please indicate here.
In order to run Apple diagnostics we need a password to n administrative account: if no password write "No Password" in field.
Permission *
By checking this box you are giving Mad Macs, Inc. permission to access and work on your computer. We will attempt to diagnose the problem and then contact you to discuss your options. IF you DO NOT check the box we will not diagnose or repair your unit!