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 Mad Macs Inc. Computer Repair Service Authorization Form

Thank your for choosing Mad Macs Inc. for your service, support, and repair needs. Mad Macs is required by Apple to maintain incoming service records for all clients. It is mandatory that all clients complete and submit the following service registration form. If you have any questions please ask and we will be happy to assist.

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Please describe, in your own words, the reason for your visit.
Permission to Diagnose and Repair *
By Checking the box below you are granting Mad Macs permission to run necessary diagnostics on you electronic device or computer. You are further granting permission to Mad Macs Inc., its employees, or designated agents to perform repairs on you computer or electronic device should they be necessary. Mad Macs Inc. Agrees to provide a quote of estimated costs prior to repair.
Mad Macs Inc. performs all repairs on a "First Come, First Serve" basis. Once your device is diagnosed, a technician will contact via telephone and give a "Good Faith Verbal Quote". Should you choose to accept this quote we will begin your repair. If for any reason the price of your repair changes we will stop the repair and contact you for further approval. A minimum diagnostic service fee will be charged for all repairs not covered by an Apple or other third party warranty. Below by selecting "I Agree" means you understand the above Statement of Service and agree to be bound to the terms and conditions.
Mad Macs Inc. charges a minimum diagnostic fee of $55 for ALL device diagnosis. For some devices this fee could be more or less based on complexity of issue. Should you decide NOT to repair your unit, you will still be responsible for ALL diagnostic fees. If you agree to have your repair completed by Mad Macs Inc., this fee then becomes part of the overall repair cost and is not an addition to that cost. By selecting the statement below, you are agreeing that you understand the above Diagnostic Bench Fee and agree to be bound to the terms and conditions stated above.
Mad Macs Inc. takes client personal data seriously. Mad Macs Inc., under no circumstances, will take responsibility for your data. Your data is your responsibility. If your data becomes lost, corrupt, unusable, or in any way different from when you computer arrives in our store(s) we take NO responsibility for this. Mad Macs, Inc recommends that you back up and test your data regularly. By selecting the statement below, you agree to be bound to the conditions of this statement and understand that your data is your responsibility. You are also agreeing that you will NOT hold Mad Macs Inc., its employees, or authorized agents responsible for your data for any reason.
Please select the status of your data at this time:
If your computer requires Data Recovery Mad Macs Inc. can attempt, with your permission, to recover said data for a fee. Even if we are able to recover your data, we do not guarantee that the data will be in a usable condition. Mad Macs, Inc. Takes no responsibility for the condition of your data ever. In many cases, Mad Macs will not be able to recover your data. In such cases we may recommend a third party agent such as Drive Savers. We are happy to work on your behalf in such cases to obtain a written quote and facilitate the recovery. These recoveries are subject to their own schedule of fees and in no way are determined by Mad Macs Inc. Please select your data Recovery needs from the following list :
Mad Macs Inc. wants you to understand that any software update or installation to your computer can have an adverse affect on other software installed on your computer. This includes Operating System Updates. It is your responsibility to discuss any CRITICAL software needs with us BEFORE we make any changes to your computer. Please select from the statements below to determine a course of action regarding CRITICAL software needs.
Has your device been exposed, splashed, submerged, to any kind of liquid, at any time, before bringing in for service? Please note that if any evidence of liquid damage is discovered after repair begins, repair will be stopped immediately and you will be contacted before further repair takes place.
If you unit was exposed to liquid please list the type of liquid and estimated amount of exposure:
A Mad Macs Service Representative will inspect your unit for damage on arrival. Below we will note any and all damage to any device that exceeds normal wear and tear.
Mad Macs Inspection Representative
Mad Macs Inc. Makes every effort to repair your device in a timely fashion. We kindly ask that you respond to our calls for pick up after diagnosis or repair. A failure to do so will result in storage fees. We reserve the right to charge $5/ day for any repair left over 30 days unless prior arrangements have been made. If you determine you do not wish to pick the unit up, we nay require a fee to recycle your device. By selecting the statement below your agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions.
Final Approval
By checking the box below you agree that you have read and understand all the above terms and condition's and agree to be bound to them both individually and separately as provided in accordance with the Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Please add in any comments corrections or items that need to be added to this form.

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